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Process Optimization in Financial Services

Your Targets


  • Rapidly
  • Accurately
  • Economically

Our Offerings

iGlass Consulting provides quality-based offerings designed to address the pressing needs of today's market.  

As seasoned mortgage consultants, we provide our clients with options for business solutions that recognize their market share potential and guide them in planning improvements to their strategy, process functions, staff utilization and production targets that link actions to goals, delivering sustainable success and improving the organization's agility through:

  • Alignment of strategy to initiatives, goals and objectives
  • Reduction of errors, minimizing rework and improving cycle time
  • Revision of Policy and Procedures reflecting the latest updates and changes
  • Acquisition of the right products and services to do more with what you have
  • Enhancement of customer satisfaction and loyalty program

Assessment Engagements

iGlass Consulting provides insightful gap analysis of client's "current state" organizational architecture assessing people, processes and technology against "future state" requirements to support our client's vision, business goals and objectives.  We offer deeper, customized analysis to align long term strategy, business processes, staffing development, technology innovation and SMART marketing that enhance our client's ability to grow their footprint quickly and economically.

Engagement Types:

  • Snapshot focuses on a particular business function or business unit
  • Targeted details the current state building a high level roadmap to future state
  • Comprehensive builds upon a detailed analysis of the current state resulting in a detailed roadmap outlining the steps to a future business state
  • Custom projects that address specific business needs such as strategic planning, organizational change, risk audits, compliance reviews, outsourcing initiatives and RFx evaluations

iGlass "in-a-box" offerings are turnkey solutions that typically include designing, building, implementing, managing and supervising compliant and cost effective outsourcing solutions, either on or off client's work site.

"In-a-box" offerings include:

Quality Relief in a Box - Audits of defaulted home mortgage loans
Typical time frame is 30 days and includes time and materials.

iGlass Consulting offers its significant and combined mortgage operations and compliance expertise to provide assessment, gap analysis, QA data review, portfolio audits, functional process evaluation, alignment with both, lending and servicing Federal and State laws, as well as investor guidelines through insightful, achievable and measurable recommendations.

Our recommendations are ranked by risk level and implemented according to client's priorities and custom designed roadmaps that direct clients to future state
of quality and business success.


Through the use of "best in class" automation that discovers, analyzes and flags items for corrective action by your or our selected QA staff.  We deliver a one stop Quality Relief (QR) solution, economically, either at your work site or one we outsource in the US.

Our work is successfully completed once your quality target goals are realized.

Staffing Realization in a Box - On-site or Outsourced Operations

Typical time frame is 30 days and includes time and materials.

iGlass Consulting specializes in the rapid creation of knowledge based working professional groups. We guide clients with an urgent need to build and deploy new lender or servicing teams.

Our consultants architect the design of new groups, defining objectives and key metrics, the hierarchies, roles and responsibilities of team members, creating job descriptions and requirements, conducting efficient recruiting efforts; profiling, screening interviewing, selecting and hiring the staff and managing the initial operational launch into production.

Additionally, we provide interim operations management, turning fixed cost to variable, while more permanent resources are selected to assume long term positions.

If you plan to get started in a new and or distant location where you have no existing capability deployed, we have the experience, the contacts and the training knowledge to get you there economically, at the fastest pace. Our track record speaks for itself.

Servicing in a Box
- Default - Loss Mitigation Operations

Typical time frame is 30 to 60 days and includes time and materials.


Faced with a growing tidal wave of residential lending delinquency, financial organizations large and small, newly set up and well established organizations have been obliged to rethink non-performing portfolio strategies. To increase capacity, ensure compliance and maximize results mortgage servicers are turning to management consulting experts to secure the appropriate people, evaluate loss mitigation process and recommend "best in class" technology to service these troubled assets and optimize their returns.


Our 60 plus years of combined external banking and internal mortgage consulting, management and operational expertise in these industries allow us a unique blend of knowledge and insights into "doing it right the first time" approach. We specialize in a proven Sigma quality model to meet the growing needs in mortgage loan servicing, accurately, economically and with the urgency required by business goals, customers,  regulators and investors.