iGlass Consulting

Process Optimization in Financial Services

   Your Targets 


      • Rapidly
      • Accurately
      • Economically

Business Driver

iGlass Value

Speed-to Market

Jump start the process and reduce time in development)


Reduce the outlays required to deploy staff and systems

Customer Service

Focus on the right work - done right the first time

Lock in Agility

Tighten the link between process and Outcome


Provide the reporting transparency to satisfy regulatory need


Improve QC with ISO ready Policies and Procedures

Our Approach


iGlass Consulting has the expertise to identify and align your key business drivers. 

We take a holistic approach to the evolution of your business, strengthening the connection between your Strategy, People, Processes and Technology to create a roadmap to your success. As seasoned management consultants we provide business solutions that allow you to realize your market share potential, and guide you in planning and linking strategy, process functions and staff utilization to meet your production targets.


To realize your vision it's critical that you first align that vision with your business goals and objectives.   The first step is to create a roadmap that aligns and optimizes people, processes and technology approaches with Delivery allowing you to achieve your business goals and objectives. In addition, choosing the right things to measure is paramount to achieving quality performance. We understand there is a direct connection between service level performance and outcomes delivered. 

We have the team with the expertise to align, assess, and measure:

  • Production and Performance against Business Targets
  • Operational Risk Testing Effectiveness
  • Regulatory Compliance and Outcomes
  • Key Metrics and Staffing Models
  • Change Management


The right people, in the right place, at the right time - those are the essential elements of service excellence.  To achieve customer satisfaction your organization must operate efficiently and in synch with your goals and direction. We'll provide the foundation to improve your organizational structure and, at the same time, facilitate effective communication, staffing, transition - change management and customer satisfaction. 


We can guide you in many talent management areas, including:

  • Recruiting and Selection Strategies

  • Training Delivery and Utilization

  • Roles, Accountabilities and Delegation 

  • Organizational Alignment and Change

  • Communication and New Initiative Plans


To further ensure the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction in your service delivery at the right cost point, you must optimize your processes.   We offer model process maps for many front and back office processes in the financial services industry, and also retain a considerable collection of ISO-compliant policies, procedures and documentation that can be used as foundational models across your operation.  These models are listed on the Process Models page. 

We use our operational expertise to evaluate and recommend areas of improvement for key processes of your organization. 


Using a Lean Six Sigma approach and tools we offer:

  • Operational SWOT Analysis
  • Policy and Procedures Evaluation
  • Process Improvement Strategies, Methods and Implementation
  • Configuring and Implementing Feedback Loops
  • Change Planning and Prioritization  
  • Risk Mitigation Management


The right technology is crucial in enabling your organization to meet its operational needs and compete in a challenging economy.  Perhaps you have an established preference for technology; if not, we can recommend technology and software appropriate to your needs and targets.  We enhance the planning process through an organized framework and pre-built models that save precious time and cost, yet produce the desired results to deliver continuity between business needs, available technology, scalability and resources.  


Our evaluations include:

  • Innovative Technology Recommendations
  • Performance of Existing Systems
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Document Management
  • Portfolio Due Diligence
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Report Management
  • Imaging and Storage 
  • IT Project Management
  • IT Diagnostic Evaluations
  • IT Systems Implementations and Integration