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Process Optimization in Financial Services

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About Us


iGlass Consulting brings a fresh perspective to the business of business...


Our Mission is enable your Vision


Our Objective is to provide you with the tools and knowledge that will enable your business to significantly increase efficiency, production and performance


Our Strength is in synchronizing people, processes and technology


Our Approach is structured around Lean and Six Sigma proven multi-step process methodology and tools that:

  • Define the direction of your business
  • Document the current condition
  • Describe the desired future state
  • Detail the gaps and challenges in moving to the future state
  • Identify and prioritize business risk 
  • Design operational risk testing plans 
  • Record the logic underlying the choices made for your Roadmap
  • Develop your Roadmap with KPI's, milestones and other controls

iGlass Consultants 


Our wide net of Consultants are drawn from a group of successful former executives from Banking, Technology and Process Management.  They keep their fingers on the pulse of regulatory changes and increasing compliance climate to ensure current challenges can be managed and risks are identified and can be controlled.  
This highly qualified group has been successfully conducting Quality Projects, Compliance Audits and Risk Testing Services since 2009 with Mortgage Bankers and Loan Servicers in Dallas, Fort Worth, Columbus, Charlotte and Atlanta.  Our Core Competencies are:


    • ERM Frameworks - Enterprise Risk Management

    • Business & Technical Reference Architectures

    • Loan Modifications & Underwriting

    • Loss Mitigation (HAMP, HARP, HAFA)

    • Loan and Lease Origination

    • Quality Analysis

    • Quality Control

    • Transformational Contracts

    • Multi-Legacy Systems Conversion

    • GRC Projects - Governance, Risk, Compliance

    • Operational Workflow Design, Testing & Execution

    • Lean and Six Sigma Process Improvement Projects

    • Multi-Cultural - Bilingual Sales & Marketing Planning