iGlass Consulting

Business Optimization in Financial Services

  Your Objectives 


      • Rapidly
      • Accurately
      • Economically



iGlass Consultants bring value-based approaches, expertise in current compliance and experience based insights to the financial services industry. Outcome oriented, we are focused on achieving cost-effective, efficient, quality, and compliance driven results.


What Financial Services Executive can afford to be satisfied with the status quo in the performance and productivity of their business?  The pandemic and industry competition puts ever increasing pressure on firms to provide better, faster and less expensive financial products and services.  Customers demand individualization of offerings. 

A Legacy approach in our new normal economic climate, often delivered via remote working, will not provide the customer stickiness and financial results necessary to grow or even sustain your business.

iGlass Consulting is a boutique financial services consulting group providing strategic direction and detailed counsel to businesses seeking to sharpen their outlook and map quality improving and cost-saving opportunities to help reach targeted outcomes - quickly, accurately and economically.  

Our strength lies in fortifying the three pillars of your business - People, Processes and Technology - to significantly enhance your outcomes.  Our value-based services are concentrated in the following areas:

    • Team Development
    • Staffing Augmentation
    • Customer Origination
    • Servicing and Customer Management
    • Default Management
    • Quality Assurance
    • Risk Evaluation and Testing
    • Risk Management
    • Project and Program Management - with both Agile SDLC approaches
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Process Improvement 
    • Financial Services Technology evaluation and selection
    • Vendor Administration and Performance Management


Our Principals and Network of Consultants bring practical, current, real world experience in technology selection and implementation, front and back office operations.


Whether you seek to break-out of the mould or re-shape existing strategy, iGlass Consulting  will accelerate your planning, change and implementation processes to enhance your chances of success.


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